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Viconan is an all-natural male enhancement product made of carefully studied natural and pure ingredients that have been chosen especially for it. The product is considered to be very useful for men with erectile dysfunction (ED). However, it is beneficial for others as well. A powerful way to improve sexual performance, this supplement’s formulation has been built to perfection through tireless efforts of the scientists that have worked on it.

With its special method, Viconan not only increases the size and strength of the penis, but it also enhances the sexual stamina and endurance of the user. The thorough research and study that has gone into making this product is the reason for its high efficacy. This supplement increases blood flow to the penis by facilitating better vasodilatation and improving the expansion capacities of the capillaries. The result is an enhanced sexual appetite and faster, harder and longer erections.

For any male enhancement supplement, it’s critical to know the ingredients used in it. Apart from this, reading Viconan customer reviews and having knowledge of its dosage & side effects is also important.


Ingredients in Viconan

This all-natural male enhancement product contains some of the most effective ingredients.

  1. Tongkat Ali

This ingredient helps in increasing testosterone levels.

  1. Tribulus Terrestris

It helps in achieving stronger erections.

  1. Avena Sativa

This botanical extract is known for its positive effect on sexual desire and appetite.

  1. L Arginine HCL

L Arginine HCL is an amino acid that facilitates better blood circulation to the penile area.

  1. Maca Root Powder

This ingredient improves sexual performance.

  1. Orchic Extract

This extract helps in boosting the body’s testosterone levels.

  1. Astragalus

It is known for its role in improving physical stamina and sexual endurance.

  1. Oyster Extract

This is among the best aphrodisiacs.

Does It Work?

Viconan customer reviews have been positive. Overall, Viconan can be very effective for male sexual enhancement purposes. The effects won’t be visible right away. But, with regular long term use, this product will surely benefit the user, giving them optimum sexual strength and performance. The only issue with this product is that the official website doesn’t specify the quantity of each ingredient in the supplement. Also, it is available online only.


Dosage & Side Effects

The supplement is in the form of capsules that come in discrete packaging. The user needs to take two capsules of Viconan every day with 8 oz of water – the first one in the morning and the second in the afternoon. The ingredients in this all-natural male enhancement product are safe and pure which means that this supplement is fit for consumption. Also, Viconan cutomer reviews don’t indicate any side effects.

When you go online to look for a male enhancement product, you’ll see that there are countless options to choose from. However, it is very important to not make a hasty choice. Make sure you do a thorough research and take a well-informed buying decision. The key things to look out for as you do so are the customer and expert reviews, clinical studies on the ingredients, the dosage & side effects and the benefits associated with the product.